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About Us

We know that every bride puts her heart and soul into finding the perfect pair of shoes for her big day and Finding that exact pair of wedding shoes is definitely not a piece of cake!

NIERA Shoes features specialized or rather customized wedding shoes for every excited bride. All our wedding shoes have been selected for both sophisticated styling and comfort, and are made from top quality materials. For the ultimate choice in comfort and design, look no further for bridal shoes to complete your wedding outfit perfectly and ensure you step out in fabulous style to grab the spotlight NIERA wedding shoes are lined up to look pretty just how you dreamed it would be while it doesn't miss out on complimenting your wedding dress. All of our bridal shoes are handcrafted with special attention to ensure comfort throughout the day and that is why it is no wonder that NIERA  stands on Sri Lankan women’s top 3 bridal shoe-list.

Our pretty brides can get good quality, affordable, trendy, and pretty wedding shoes from our brand line up. At NIERA we use a unique concept of letting our girls design the shoes exactly the way they want to. Our attention to detail is something we all share within NIERA, and our passion for perfection is what sets us apart. Whatever your bridal style, you can be confident that each and every one of our lovely wedding shoe accessories will be carefully selected by our dedicated team.

NIERA shoes have the perfect bling and shine without taking a toll on your feet. You can choose from variety of heels like stilettos, Peep toes, open toes, platforms, wedges etc. A pair of heels that kills your feet changes everything about you – your posture, your face, your body language and we help fix them all through our shoes!

Our shoes are all unique in their own way depending on what type of bride you are. NIERA wedding shoes works with various famous dresses in Sri Lanka for its distinctive fashion perspective that makes a turn in their elegance. It is far easier to customize your shoes with NIERA, and our shoe choice will give your seamstress an idea of the exact height you will be on your wedding day, so that your gown can be customized to fit perfectly in length. Or even the other way around!

At NIERA Shoes, we never forget how important your wedding day is. Every bride can be sure that shopping with us for your special day will be the pleasure you deserve. To this day, we remain a family run business, all with the same enthusiasm and love for our brides. We take enormous pride in our reputation and have received to date countless recommendations from all corners of Sri Lanka.

NIERA wedding shoes look and feel heavenly! These shoes or to be more precise, these booties will show off your legs like no other and will add a delicate touch to your entire look.

The detailing, colors, tones and everything else is up to you! Our shoes are super comfy, and they come with a pair of wings!!  Wings that walk you down the aisle with such ease and style!


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