Renaissance of Wedding Artistry - Hamna’s Sensational Wedding Creations…

by Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

Blush pink roses and baby’s breath to create a soft touch, bright and beautiful colours to accentuate the vibrancy of a Mehendi ceremony, garden inspired poruwas, gazebos and canopies, magical birthday setups, tropical to Bohemian destination themed weddings, vintage specialties and more woven together to perfection by Hamna, the brainchild of Wedding Artisans – a pioneer who is always finding ways to do things differently. 

Hamna’s Wedding Artisans is synonymous with the most exquisite wedding creations that exude a personalized touch. All of these precious memorabilia are tenderly crafted by the soulful Hamna whose creations are rapidly gaining a large stream of clients who are set at ease and eager to bear their souls to Hamna - a sensitive soul herself. “I suppose they feel that I am a kindred spirit who has their best interest at heart.”

Through Wedding Artisans you are bound to discovering new and wonderful things on how far you can go in making your day extra special. You can tap into those childhood dreams, your happy times together as a couple and more as you discover the uniqueness of what makes the two of you so special as individuals and as a couple along with what you wish to share with your nearest and dearest on the day you join in matrimony. Don’t you think it’s wonderful that your wedding does not have to be so blasé, as Hamna and her troupe at Wedding Artisans wish to transform it into a page right out of a storybook? 

Wedding tit-bits through the social media platforms: 

Her social media pages take you on a virtual journey through her designs with additional tips for your benefit. As you start to envision your wedding, a wedding mood board can help guide and make decisions and visually explain your desires. There are beautiful colour schemes created to inspire you during the planning of your wedding or any other memorable event. If you have unstoppable desire to be unconventional and free-spirited, explore the Bohemian extravaganza on offer, which includes rustic browns to nature infused greens and bursts of colour causing a delightful riot. But simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Igniting the spark 

The young Hamna was constantly drawn to creating masterpieces from seemingly irrelevant objects such as discarded boards, boxes, ribbons etc. “As a child I was always exploring new ways to use discarded items and other paraphernalia to recreate something beautiful, something heartfelt… gifts or memorabilia that can be retained as heirlooms to be handed down, used and reused.  Even at school, if there was anything creative to be done, my friends and teachers would call me and it became my identity. So much so that I naturally inclined towards a creative path and chose to assist my aunt at planning events after leaving school. The first event we planned was my sister’s wedding and the functions which were associated with her marriage, as we realized that what we required wasn’t available in stores or it was highly overpriced and did not appeal to our taste for the sublime. Therefore, we decided to start from scratch, which made the festivities truly memorable. Using her knack for conjuring the most exquisite designs, she continued to draw a fan following. She mystified and marveled, and was obliging and flexible –making herself approachable to her clients. “For a few years following my initial foray in to wedding artistry, I had to create a balance between my studies and my passion which curtailed me from taking on too many commitments. Yet, despite it being a few years since completing my studies I am still reticent to expand commercially due to the fact that to me what matters is the personal touch which makes the work I do a wholehearted effort”.  

Decadent delicacies displayed in style 

Hamna is also recognized and admired for infusing an ingenious touch to the traditional manner in which the Mahr gifts were displayed or merely placed. These gifts are part of the Muslim wedding traditions offered to the groom and the bride by both parties and often contains fruits, chocolates, sweets, clothes, jewellery and other ornaments which are brought in rattan baskets or other forms of packaging and merely placed on a table. Yet, Hamna created a buzz with her elegantly designed carts, meticulously crafted cakes, cupcakes, ribbons, sparkles and other miniature embellishments, which became the talk of the town. She captured a niche and won many hearts for her creative ingenious. “Now we have clients who are keen to obtain the most ornate objects with no expenses spared from galvanized baskets from India to various items from Singapore and other parts of the world”. Yet all these items are brought to her for that added personalized effect.  

While she is determined to keep her clientele at a bare minimum, she believes in exploring other genres of wedding artistry that can enhance the authenticity of the wedding. “While traditions and cultural connotations are of prime importance, they should not suppress that inner desire to make it more beautiful while adding something authentic. There is also the danger of opting for that bare minimum and making a wedding look drab. A wedding should have undertones of glamour and elegance and have the ability to incite a feeling of awe among guests and make it a lasting memory, which is the reason we at wedding artisans believe in curating your event to perfection,” enthused Hamna. 

Her creations radiate simplicity intertwined with timeless elegance, transporting you to a place of enchantment where you expect to see fairies and other mythical creatures amid her creations. A romantic at heart, Hamna infuses a magical aura to everything she touches.